Mole Wizard

About Us

Mission Statement
Professionally trap/exterminate your Moles FAST, within 5-7 days (utilizing our MoleGard™ trapping technology), thus stopping the damage and destruction to your yard and landscaping.

Mole Wizard™ is a locally owned and operated business based in Kirkland, WA. Our company is unique and is Western Washington’s premier Mole Trapping Service. Our technicians have over 12 years experience and have been on the forefront in developing our proprietary MoleGard™ trapping technology. This technology differentiates Mole Wizard™ from other companies and allows us to trap your moles FAST! We pride ourselves on being the FASTEST, most THOROUGH & EFFECTIVE mole trapping company in the industry!

Top 8 Reasons To Choose Mole Wizard™

1) Expertise
• Extensive training, research and first hand experience, makes us unparalleled experts in mole habits and biology.
• Extensive knowledge allows us to customize a program that is unique to your individual property. No “cookie cutter” approach.

2) Innovation
• Cutting edge MoleGard™ trapping technology brings new methods and products to this industry, transforming mole trapping into both an art and a science.
• Mole Wizard™ is the only company to possess MoleGard™ technology.

3) Results You Can Count On
• Mole Wizard™ traps your moles FAST! In fact, 85% of the time, Mole Wizard™ will trap your moles within 5-7 days, making Mole Wizard™ the fastest in the industry.

4) Warranty
• Mole Wizard™ offers you piece of mind by giving our customers a 110 day limited warranty. (Please refer to our pricing page for specific details).

5) Safety
• The safety of your family and pets is our first concern!

6) Environment
• At Mole Wizard™, we embrace the fact that we are stewards entrusted with the beautiful North West environment. As such, we Do Not use any poisons or insecticides that can be harmful to your children, pets and ground water.

7) Exceptional Customer Service
• Mole Wizard™ prides itself on providing customer service that is second to none, making us “The” company you will recommend to your friends and neighbors.

8) Specialized Service
• Mole trapping is all we do. We don’t exterminate any other pests, just moles! Why would you want to use a “pest control firm” that tries to be a “jack of all trades”, but doesn’t specialize or isn’t an “expert” in an “one” specific pest?