Mole Wizard

Mole Wizard Pricing & Services

Set Up Fee
There is a set up fee of $125.00* for most properties. This includes installation of up to 10 traps.

Per Mole Charge
There is a $75.00 charge for "Each" mole caught.

Total Cost
Your Total Cost would be: Set up fee of $125.00* plus $75.00 for “Each” mole caught. For example: If Mole Wizard™ catches 2 moles at your property, then your total cost would be $125.00(set up fee) + $150.00 (2 moles) = $275.00. If 3 moles were caught then your total cost would be $125.00(set up fee) + $225.00 (3 moles) = $350.00, etc.

Mole Wizard™ does “Not” charge a weekly trip charge. You pay our set up fee and only pay for each mole we catch, “Not” the number of trips we make.

*If your property is larger than 1 acre, there may be an additional surcharge. Please contact us for further information.

How many Moles do you have?
Although we have over 12 years of successful experience trapping moles, we still can’t give you a definitive answer to that question. Since this is mother nature we are dealing with, we have found that she can be fairly unpredictable at times. It’s safe to assume that you have at least 1 mole that is causing the damage and destruction to your property. Last year, 70% of our customers had 2.8 moles. So, a good rule of thumb is 2-3 moles per yard

How Our Service Works
Once you have contacted Mole Wizard™ and placed your order, we will send a technician to your property within 24 hours. Our technician will thoroughly inspect, analyze and “read” your property. This allows us to accurately identify the best strategic locations to set our traps, ensuring fast, successful results you can count on!

There is no need for you to be home when we service your property. At the time you place your order, we will ask if there are any “specifics” we need to know such as, gate codes, pets in yard, etc. Please do “NOT” destroy any mole activity on your property, such as dirt mounds or raised tunnels. Our technician will use this activity in part to determine trap locations and may “level” the mounds after servicing your property.

Our technician will return to your property within 5-7 days to inspect the traps. Moles that are caught will be buried at the site of the trap and marked with a small flag. Our technician will then re-inspect your property to identify whether further action is needed.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions you may have.

Payment Methods
Mole Wizard™ accepts: Personal Checks, Master Card, Visa, & Discover.

110 Day Limited Warranty
Mole Wizard™ warranty is a 110 day limited warranty which covers the “set up fee” only. Simply stated: If you have new mole activity within 110 days of your “original” invoice date, Mole Wizard™ will waive the “set up fee” and come back to your property and re-install traps. There will be a $75.00 per mole charge for each additional mole that Mole Wizard™ catches.