Mole Wizard


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I appreciated your services. Moles can be so destructive and yet you stopped them literally in their tracks! Your company responded quickly, but more importantly you were efficient! You got rid of them in just one week’s time when everybody else was saying it was going to take weeks!! Thanks again!

Dan T.
Issaquah, WA

P.S. My gardener was so impressed, he is telling all of his other clients about your service.

I can’t thank you enough for getting my pest problem under control so quickly. When I saw the devastation the moles were causing, I tried to get rid of them myself with no success. You got rid of them in less that a week and my yard is back to normal. I will recommend you to all of my neighbors.

Roy S.
Kirkland, WA

Thank you for being professional and responsive. I tried contacting other mole exterminators, but one service I contacted would never answer the phone and it always went to their answering machine. I left a message with another firm and I never received a call back. I guess they didn’t want my business. Your fast work at catching my moles is appreciated.

B. Teller
Seattle, WA

Your technician was very courteous and professional. He even took the time to explain to me all I ever really wanted to know about moles. Best of all, my moles are gone. Thank you Mole Wizard.

Keith S.
Everett, WA

I have to say that while I was outside weeding one day, I noticed a huge pile of dirt in my flower bed. Then I noticed a second pile. I know that I didn’t create those mounds. My neighbor told me that I had moles and referred me to your company. Your technician was here the next day setting traps. When he returned after 5 days, he had caught 2 moles. Thank you for stopping the damage.

Mable W.
Shoreline, WA

I just can’t get over how polite and considerate your technician was, while at my home setting his mole traps. He even had dog biscuits with him. I have 2 Rottweiler’s who now have a new best friend. I thought I would pass that on to you. More importantly, he had trapped my moles when he came back after just 6 days.

L. Richmond
Redmond, WA

We live next to a wooded area and have always had mole issues. We have used another service in the past, that charge by the number of trips they make to our house, regardless of whether they catch any moles. 5 weeks went by and we still had mole activity in our lawn. The other service said they caught 5 moles, but left us no proof. We learned about Mole Wizard through a business colleague of mine. Eric, your technician, came to our house and surveyed our property, so he knew exactly where to set the traps in order to be most effective. He returned 5 days later and had caught 2 moles. I know that for a fact, since I was home at the time and he showed me the critters. We would much rather pay by the mole, since we actually know that we are getting our monies worth. Thank you for your service, it is well worth it. (Please pass this on to your technician).

Barbara W.
Mercer Island, WA

My husband tried catching the moles in our yard himself. First he bought 4 of the sound emitting rods that go into the ground. All they did was move the moles around. He bought several traps, but apparently didn’t know how to set them correctly. We didn’t want to use any poisons since we have a dog in our yard as well as small children. Then we found out about Mole Wizard. I wish we would have called you first, since we would have saved ourselves some money and the damage to our lawn would have stopped sooner. Thank you, you really are the best!

Stephanie R.
Medina, WA

I am the manager of a 118 unit apartment complex. We have extensive flower beds and grass throughout the complex. We have had moles in the past and have tried all types of poisons, ground glass, sonic devices, you name it. None of them have worked. The problem got so bad that I decided to try a professional. Your technician set the traps on Monday and when he came back on Friday, he had caught the mole. Thanks for your fast response time.

G. Jamison
Bellevue, WA

I don’t normally write letters to companies, but thought that I would give you a “heads up” in this case. Our lawn and flower beds were totally over run by moles. We initially called the exterminator that we have used in the past to get rid of ants and bees. While they have been good at eliminating those pests, they had “no” luck taking care of our mole problem. They had used some type of bait or poison that just didn’t work. Your trapping methods solved our mole problem within a week. Thank you.

Adam S.
Renton, WA