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Mole Wizard™ is a Specialized Professional Mole Trapping/Extermination Service, serving Bellevue, Issaquah, Seattle, Kirkland, Redmond, Medina, Mercer Island & Hunts Point, as well as all the cities listed at the bottom of this page.

Over the last 12 years we have developed and perfected our proprietary MoleGard™ trapping technology. This technology differentiates Mole Wizard™ from all other Mole Trappers, allowing Mole Wizard™ to catch your moles faster and more effectively.

Mole Guy Mole Masters Mole Patrol Mole Ex

In fact, 85% of the time, we catch your moles within 5-7 days. Why would you wait 3-5 weeks for someone else to catch your moles?

The longer you wait, the more damage & destruction to your lawn and landscaping.

Demand the best! Contact Mole Wizardô today!

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A small sampling of our FAQ about mole extermination:

Q: What types of moles do you exterminate, control, eradicate and remove?

A: We offer the following services: lawn mole extermination, yard mole extermination, grass mole extermination, ground mole extermination, garden mole extermination, mole elimination. We specialize in mole eradication, and mole control. We exterminate yard moles, exterminate grass moles, exterminate ground moles, exterminate garden moles and eliminate your mole infestation.

Q: What is the most effective method for extermination and eradication of moles?

A: By using mole traps.

Q: Can I kill moles using mole poison, mole bait or mole repellents?

A: These methods are seldom effective. Please visit our FAQ for more detailed information.

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